Mothers Creators of Possibilities

Walquiria is a mother who created possibilities and a photographer 19 years ago. She is dedicated to portraying families, pregnant women and newborns, but his specialty is to photograph children and make them smile. In her studio, in Caguas, Puerto Rico, people from all over the island visit her regardless of the distance. The success of keeping the agenda active has been her commitment and the love she conveys in doing her job. She hopes to continue offering her services for many more years with the purpose of capturing memories that the mind tends to forget, but which we relive with photos.

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Nannette Martínez is a mother creator of possibilities and founder of Clickup APP. It is dedicated to offer businesses in Puerto Rico the possibility of having a virtual store without investing in its development.

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Luisa Figueroa, creator of possibilities and co-owner of Myriad Benefits. Your company offers the insurance services that the population of Puerto Rico needs.

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