What options do I have to keep working during the pandemic?

09.04.20 06:00 PM Comment(s) By William

What options do I have to keep working during the pandemic?

We know that the situation of COVID-19 facing the world is a very difficult and discouraging one for many. As always, at You Prism we are committed to helping our clients make the most of the benefits of technology. In the midst of this mandatory quarantine the world lives, the applications that help you work from home have gained numerous popularity. That is why we will present you several options that we offer so that your business is not affected and can continue working with a certain degree of normality.


Zoho Apps


Zoho offers many options that can be adapted to almost any business and can help you operate remotely. Applications to teach, to work on your company's projects or to maintain effective communication are just some of the ones they offer us. Below we will present two options that could benefit you right now:


  • Zoho Commerce - With only 25 dollars a month this platform will allow you to continue your sales as if nothing was happening. You will have the possibility to create your own virtual store, have various payment methods and then send the product by mail or deliver it yourself. This solution is straightforward to use and is very effective in capturing all those people who go online shopping from their homes. For more information and to purchase the service you can visit Zoho Commerce


  • Zoho Remotely - This is a set of eleven applications to work from home, various areas of your business. This bundle will be free until July 1, 2020 and has applications to communicate with your team, teach classes and even provide remote assistance. For more information and to purchase the service you can visit Zoho Remotely


  •   Zoho Creator - This platform will allow you to create web applications that help you perform any type of action automatically. This service regularly has a cost that starts at about 15 dollars a month but is being provided free to any government organization or non-profit organization that is striving to fight Coronavirus. For more information visit Zoho Creator


Charm EHR


Charm is an electronic registration solution for private practice. This allows to create an electronic record with all patients and also offers the option of telehealth. The platform is free for the first 50 monthly meetings and the telehealth option normally costs $20. However, due to the emergency, this option will also be free until July 1, 2020. For more information, visit CharmEHR


Besides these options, throughout this period we will be offering webinars that you can integrate into the daily life of your business during quarantine. To find out what the topics and information will be, follow us on our social networks.


You Prism is operating regularly from their homes. You can contact us at any time from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EST and we will gladly provide assistance or clarify your doubts. For contact information access Contact Us.

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