Your Partners In Tech.

About You Prism

In You Prism, we offer different types of cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We help to automate and maximize the processes with tools like: CRM, Mail, Social, among others; as well as improving the costumer service and reduce operational costs with an interactive call center. Each of these solutions can be accessed from any place, at any time, from a computer and/or the majority of smart phones. At the present time, You Prism is an authorized vendor and developer of Zoho, TalkDesk, Shopify, Charm EHR and PayPal, companies specialized in offer their applications for businesses. Our company offers solutions, configuration, and personalization in base of the necessities of each business giving the priority it deserves.

Our Mission 

Provide the most effective tools and services that will help our clients with their business management guide their consumers providing them more value.

Our Vision

To be the main alternative of supplier for small and medium-sized companies all over the Caribbean.

Our Story

You Prism was registered as a DBA company, in 2013, under the name Edwin Castro; a collaborative agreement with his brother Irwing Castro. Both had jobs, meaning You Prism was just an ongoing slow goal. You Prism started to provide website development services and online publicity to companies, what today is known as Inbound Marketing. 


In 2014, You Prism owners started looking for a solution that could help them to manage their future customer, that’s when Zoho CRM was discovered. They tried Zoho for a couple of months and realized that all the companies should have a CRM. They find out that Zoho was looking for partners, and not knowing what it meant, they became Zoho partners.


In 2015,  they had an offered from a friend to present their knowledge, products, and services to a group of business woman in a seminar; that’s where everything started. They completed their first Zoho sale on December 2015. During the past years, they kept on growing and adding other resellers products like Shopify for retail sales, Charm for Health private practice, and Paypal as online payment gateaway. In 2019, You Prism is transforming from DBA to You Prism LLC. with a lot of growing expectations, desires, and a total new branding (image).